Contract & Booking

Accommodation agreement and cancellation policy

 § 1

Contract. The booking contract between the booking  party and the host party, Pension Fuchsmuehle in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, is authentic completed when the accomodation is appointed and confirmed or at short notice. Bookings can be made verbally  in writing  or by fax. Online bookings subject to the relevant contract terms. In the interest of the parties in writing  bookings should be chosen. The booking is performed by the booking  person for all persons listed in the booking.

§ 2

Prices and payment. Prices in the host directory folder or Internet  are final and include all fees and taxes unless otherwise agreed. If the host requires a deposit has to be paid in advanced. Otherwise the agreed price and  all additional charges must be payed on day of departure.

§ 3

Cancellation terms. The final withdrawal of the booking contract commits both parties to fulfill the contract. We give the guest a free right of cancellation 7 days before scheduled arrival.  Unused rooms are charged with 80%  from  6th day before  scheduled arrival and with 100% on day of scheduled arrival. The host takes care according to faithfully and belief a not taken up lodging to rent otherwise. With suitable substitute no cancellation fees result for the guest. The cancellation notice  should be in writing.

For longer stays we recommend to take out a travel insurance.

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